Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Little MG Rick Lynch..... calm the nerves, lol. Nothing like listening to Rick explain things to make me feel better. SB is incommunicado for a few days. His birthday is soon and while I have two presents I am happy with I am frantic to get my hands on a 3rd. I still have this head cold....what the "eff'! As jen would say. And now I have a little tempest in a teacup with the diaspora of Eritrea. The conference call has been moved to Friday (thanks for the update, Sarah), and I am going to listen in. So, while I watch sitemeter monitor my new visitors...........I'll relax and focus on Rick.

"The intent is to keep the enemy on the run," said Major General Rick Lynch, whose Task Force Marne waged strikes on insurgent nests in the volatile Tigris and Euphrates river valleys.
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Pia said...

Zicam swabs! Work like a chaahm.