Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Random Stuff

I am just back from seeing Sue at Utopia Place........I am young and beautiful again. This is the best I look all month!

I got an email from Jeff Schogol of Star & Stripes about the Roughead hearing.
My colleague at Stripes who covers the Pentagon says the hearing will likely be in early September, but he does not have more specific information.
Jeff Schogol

Thanks, Jeff.....but that's so long!

I have pizza in Jennifer's oven, waiting for her to show up from work (she is more a work-a-holic than I am). The pizza has to stay in the oven because Jen keeps the place like an igloo. I had to run through the house to get it in the oven before it iced over.

As soon as she's ready we are going to watch last week's episode of "Rescue Me" and if I can stay up late enough (with this head cold) we will watch tonight's episode. At least, once every episode Jen and I end up screaming at something. Plus Jen loves pointing out that his crazy, over-sexed sister is named Maggie. I ordered garlic bread for my cold.

Guess what else I have? Oreo Cakesters, lol. We were talking about them in work and when Rachael left, she went to Walmart, bought them and left them on my front seat. Isn't she good to me? I had one. They are good. The rest I will bring into the office to share.

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