Thursday, August 16, 2007

Inspiration for SWO Pin

Over at the Phibian's place there are many zombie like fans wandering around moaning about their withdrawral symptoms. There are the faithful "He'll be back soon!" There are the conspiracy theorists "Lesse...'phibs going EMCON A for awhile, Eagle1 is off "fishing", Yankee Sailor has gone we sense a common thread here?". There are the belligerent "You damnbetcha get your butt back here!". But he left us with lots of links, plus we can always peruse his archives. So we all check in and read the comments in the last post and that's where I found this. Thanks Sid!
Here is something for y'all...Do you think this pic may have served as the inspiration for the SWO pin?
sid 08.13.07 - 11:18 am #

In the meantime, we should follow the Commander's advice and read more SJS, Eagle1, BullNav, Chap, Galrahn, and lot's of others, especially Springbored who has this great post up today.

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