Monday, August 06, 2007

Hi Frank!

Jen sent me an IM at 1830 "I want to see the Bourne Ultimatum in Randolph at 7:35." I replied "I would have to leave now." Yes she said that was the point of the message....leave now. Now. Have you left yet? I leave in record time and head up the highway to pick her up from work. I am talking on the phone to SB and I relay the message. He says "Well, you better get going." I point out I am in the car and stick my tongue out.....which is largely ineffective during a phone conversation.

We get to Randolph with 30 seconds to spare.....get tickets.....popcorn.....soda.....I have Jen smuggling in M&Ms (no I didn't make it back on Atkins today). Every seat is full. Literally. Lots of younger kids. We speculate that many of these delinquents actually have Simpsons tickets and they snuck in here. There is no crowd control at Randolph. We go back out and get a refund.

What to do?

We call Bette, she is having dinner with Pat. I tell Bette to scoop two more seats at the bar at BoCa. She says she will do what she can. When we get there the bar is empty except for our two friends, two men next to Pat and a woman one seat away from Bette. Bette says "She is going to move over one seat, we're all set." Ok, I go stand behind the empty seat and ask whose glass is on the bar. Bette says it's her water, she put it there to save the seat. The woman on the other side says "I'm moving." But she doesn't move. I tell my sister to sit in the empty seat and stand between Jen and the stranger. The woman announces again that she is moving.I tell her I appreciate it. She doesn't move. There are six empty seats on the other side of the woman. Bette says "She's going to move." The woman agrees and points out that she's actually leaving as soon as her husband walks over and gestures to the corner where the two men are next to Pat and four more men are at a table behind them. Who is her husband? I don't know, I don't care. Just move. She doesn't move. Then she strikes up a conversation with Jen, seems they casually knew each other from another restaurant Jen used to frequent. I go stand between Bette and Pat and tell Pat a funny story she missed while she was away over the weekend. We order drinks, I steal Pat's knife to spread hummus on bread I am stealing from someone else's basket...then I take Bette's napkin. Still the woman doesn't move. The bartender gives us menus. The woman doesn't move. I give up. I go over to the two men on Pat's other side to get them to scoot their chairs together so I can get a chair in there. No problem. The are happy to oblige. One of the guys asks if he's moved enough. I tell him that I am happy. He takes my hand and says "Good, because it is all about you!" I turn and smile and say "Why, yes, it is and I'm pleased that you realize that!" I thank him again and ask if he wants to know the other two rules. He says yes and I explain about paying attention to me without putting up with my shit and how when I am unhappy, I am rarely unhappy alone. He says he can do this. I laugh. The strange woman starts calling "Frank, Frank" The man talking to me looks over. Pat explains he is strange woman's husband.........

Then evil Maggie came out to play.

Strange woman was now ready to leave..............but she needed I kept Frank. Frank was easy to Strange woman called and kept walking to the door. Frank didn't follow. Strange woman got aggravated. You know how it is when something aggravates you..............say for example, someone was in a chair you needed.............that would be aggravating. Frank got as far as the door and came back to me.............she took Frank by the arm...........but he came back. Strange woman left the restaurant.......Frank stayed. Strange woman came back in. Bette was getting worried and tried to cover my mouth with her napkin (they brought her a new one to replace the one I stole). It didn't help, I just put out my hand and Frank took it. Frank made it to the door again, but then strange woman was distracted by someone she knew talking to her and Frank was right back to me. Strange woman was exasperated! LOL I should have let him leave..........I didn't.

Finally I asked Frank "Do you go on the Internet?" He said yes. Jen said "Stop it, Maggie!" I said "Tomorrow I want you to Google *BostonMaggie*." He looked at me quizzically "m.a.g.g.i.e.?" I told him yes, Boston Maggie.

When they finally left, I was roundly denounced by my dinner companions. Why did I do that? I told them "She should have moved." Pat pronounced me vindictive.......Oh Well!

So........if you made it home and you remembered...........

Hi Frank and thanks for the laugh baby!


SK said...

Hi Frank!

Nicely done Maggie ;)

BostonMaggie said...

Thank you! Thank you very much!