Friday, August 31, 2007

Father Daniel J. Mahoney, BFD

Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I love and admire Father Mahoney. He has been an important part of my life since he came to St. Francis in 1968.

He's had a roller coaster of a summer.

First there was good news.
Chief Chaplain Father Daniel J. Mahoney Honored
The Boston Fire Department’s Chief Chaplain Father Daniel J. Mahoney has been honored with the prestigious Mychal Judge Award by the Massachusetts Corps of Fire Chaplains.
Read the rest here.

Then there was the bad.
"Chief Chaplain Discusses Firefighter's Grief"
This was an interview filmed with Father in the wake of the tragic deaths of Firefighters Cahill and Payne. If you click on the link there is a video.

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Mychals Prayer said...

I read the article about Father Mahoney in the Boston Globe, and thought, what a gifted pastor he is. I'm glad Fr. Mahoney received the award named after Father Mychal Judge, "the saint of 9/11". If I may speak of Fr. Mychal Judge....

Most of us first heard of Fr. Mychal, the late New York fire chaplain, from that iconic photo of his body being carried from Ground Zero.

Yet even prior to his heroic death on 9/11, Fr. Mychal was widely seen by many New Yorkers as a living saint for his deep spirituality and his extraordinary work with the homeless, recovering alcoholics, people with AIDS, immigrants, gays and lesbians, and others rejected by society.

This often annoyed the church hierarchs. But like his spiritual father St. Francis of Assisi, Mychal reported directly to a Higher Authority. Several medically documented miraculous healings are attributed to his intercession.

For further information, I invite your readers to visit: