Monday, August 27, 2007

CPO Heritage Training Week

In one of the coolest things imaginable, a lucky few CPOs and CPO selectees get to stay aboard the USS Constitution for four days. My favorite ISC(sel) was one of the lucky ones. He is a standout guy, so there was no need to send bribes to get him aboard.
I got this email with lots of pics "The Navy Media Center had a reporter, photographer, and videographer with us all week. They said they will be posting a bunch of pictures on shortly. They said there will be a four part segment on Daily News Update. Feel free to use whatever you want, as long as you use it in a “positive” light (which I trust you will)."
Baby! Are you kidding? Is there anyone who sees the Navy in a more positive light than Princess Crabby (aka The Castle Swabbie Doxie!)?
Congratulations on getting the be a part of this and thanks for the pics!

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