Monday, December 11, 2023

My Anti-BDS, Pro-Israel Stuff

 Sometimes a Tweet (or X post) just won't cut it. 

So there's an online request for people around the world to "Strike for Gaza".

1. Don't buy anything. I did.

2. Don't use your bank account. I did.

3. Don't leave your house. I did.

4. Don't use your Facebook or Instagram for anything for anything other than Palestinian awareness. Motherfucker please!

5. Tweet using the "Strike for Gaza" hashing. Sorry, #AmYisraelChai

Then I followed a link about BDS that was offering suggestions on what to substitute for boycotted products.

These are all the pro-Israel products in my house. A bunch of things I don't have are going on my shopping list.

Oh, Tom has my lunch! 

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