Thursday, July 13, 2023

Feeling The Squeeze

 My father passed away very suddenly June 29th. He was in excellent health right up until a bout of stomach pain became a gall bladder removal which revealed sepsis and then gone in the blink of an eye.

People asked how I was and I revealed truthfully that it wasn't real. I joked that I would schedule my breakdown later in the week. That I would get some chocolate, order a pizza and put on "An Affair to Remember" & "Imitation of Life". That'd be a good cry.

But two weeks later it still isn't real. I want to call his house and listen to the answering machine but I'm afraid the phone will have already been shut off.

And, of course I'm staring down the barrel of the 7th Anniversary in two weeks of my Frankie's passing on the 28th.

Feeling the squeeze.

Today on Twitter some movie director or cinematographer was talking about "The Road to Perdition" & I remember really liking it.

So that was tonight's movie. 

There's a scene where Michael, Jr. is leaving the room & suddenly hugs Michael, Sr. fiercely. 

And I just couldn't breathe 

So that was a half hour ago.

I am quite sure they are together now, chuckling at me.

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