Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dear Militant Gays,

....when you hear the word "sodomy" it doesn't always mean we are talking about you.

Why I dislike "headline readers" part 2,734.

Mad Mike posts

"GOP State Senator Wants Emergency Bill to Make Anal and Oral Sex a Felony"

Garrett is attempting to resurrect Virginia’s “crimes against nature” statute. Cuccinelli, as Virginia’s AG, tried to convince the U.S. Supreme Court that the law was both necessary or constitutional. He failed.
Of course, the goal behind the bill is to make sex between two people of the same gender more consequential. The bill does not make penile-vaginal sex between minors a felony, because that’s not a “crime against nature.”
OK, really?  Well if that's the case I'm mad.  Lawrence v Texas took care of this years ago.  People need to give this up.  You know all I ask is that you shut the fucking door!  When I want to watch someone make out, I will pop in a DVD and watch John Wayne kiss Lana Turner and then smoke a cigarett..  I don't want you doing it in public or in a parade or at Chick-fil-A.  Smoke what you want.  Drink what you want.  Kiss, lick, suck who you want.  Just be two or more consenting adults and shut the door.
Once the door is shut, it's no one else's business.  Period.
So if Garrett or Cuccinelli are trying to criminalize adult behavior between two consenting adults of any persuasion, I don't want to hear it.
However, I don't just "share" or "like" stuff on FB that I don't check.  So I check.
Turns out this has NOTHING to do with gay people.  Some creep named William Scott McDonald at age 47 was creeping on a 17 year old girl.  McDonald forced, coerced, whatever, oral copulation.  McDoanld was tried and convicted, in part under the Virginia Unnatural Acts law.  Now McDonald is appealing his case on the grounds that Lawrence v Texas nullified the sodomy law in Virginia.  Which it did, for two consenting adults.  Not for you, ya diddler!  So Cuccinelli and Garrett are trying "clarify" this statute to say it's not about two consenting adults, it's not even about two consenting teens.  It's about sodomy between pervs and underage persons.
Oh but gay rights activists are howling about Garrett and Cuccinelli.  It's all a big trojan horse so they can go after gays.  Seriously?  Do you nitwits actually believe that somehow they got this creep McDonald to file an appeal, so they could fight it, just to sneak in laws that hurt gay people????  Who told you this?  The Smoking Man?
Get a grip.  The only thing this case is about is punishing diddlers as much as humanly possible.  They can't lock them away in a dank, dark place until the 12th of never.  So they use whatever tools are at their disposal.  Let them.

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