Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm All By Myself

Regarding this Kony2012 video. I don't get it. The backlash has me baffled.

Have you seen it? You should. Here's a link. It's just under 30 minutes long.

It gives a very simple overview of the situation in Uganda ( and surrounding countries) and Joseph Kony. Joseph Kony is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army. He is, without doubt, a war criminal.

What I got from the video was that Jospeh Kony should be brought to justice. That the more public pressure that can be brought to bear on Western governments (particularly the US) the more likely that Kony can be brought down.

The filmakers other point were that Uganda will need lots of help rebuilding what has been destroyed in the fighting. He also points out that if public pressure wanes, not only will no further progress be made towards these goals, but the US may withdraw the 100 special forces presently deployed in Uganda.

I firmly believe that more people need to educate themselves on what goes on outside of their own little bubble. Particularly the college age people he has clearly aimed this campaign toward.

So, why the backlash?

It's oversimplyfied. Ok, who is going to watch the expanded, nuanced, comprehensive version? Probably the people who are already aware and looking to further educate themselves. I look at this like a trailer. Of course there is more to this story. Duh.......

Kony hasn't really made a move in over a year. Umm, so? Is there a statute of limitations on murder, rape, torture and kidnapping?

Other leaders in Africa do bad things too. LOL! This defense didn't work when you told your parents "All the other kids do it!" and it won't work here.

The makers of the video want US military intervention in Uganda to hunt down Kony. I didn't hear that. I heard them say that the US could assist/advise - and I agree. I also heard them say that if Kony falls off the radar, the troops currently deployed there may be withdrawn.

My favorite though was from a Facebook friend "Lastly, this video is little more than Kipling's 'white man's burden' repackaged and remessaged for the 21st Century"

But I am used to it. I take flak from Jennifer all the time about my feelings on Darfur. Today was probably the first time I ever agreed with George Clooney.

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