Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dear Redhead at Today's #OSMH Lecture

I'm so glad you ran away without facing me yourself. I wouldn't want to upset Griff by dressing you down as you deserved.

Griff and I took the Main Street bus downtown and walked down to the Old South Meeting House. Today's lunchtime lecture was the final installment in the series "The Sum of It's Parts; A Boston Neighborhood Review" Charlestown-Rebuilt after it was burned by the British following the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775, and annexed to Boston in 1874, today Charlestown is home to extraordinary historical architecture; major national landmarks and a new generation of immigrants and young professionals that have joined its traditionally Irish-American population. Carl Zellner, Historian of the Charlestown Historical Society, explores the city’s oldest neighborhood, which today is a thriving 21st Century community.

Griff and I took a seat off to the side as opposed to front and center. Just in case he got itchy. But overall, he was great. I didn't think much of his whispers and moving about. You see, during lectures, tourist are still roaming around the periphery. Floorboards squeak and people talk in hushed tones. That's why they gave Mr. Zellner a microphone so he could speak to his series of slides.

I try never to miss tours or talks about Charlestown because I always learn something new. I enjoyed Mr. Zellner's talk very much.

But not everyone did and they didn't want to be unhappy alone. I noticed a redheaded woman three people to my left leaning over, away from the screen. I didn't get it. But someone made sure I did.

To my immediate right was a young girl, 10, maybe 12. Her mother was between her and the redheaded grump. The young girl's mother got up and walked over to me to say "He (meaning Griff) is bothering her (indicating the redheaded woman). You might want to move."

I was speechless. I looked down, the redhead wouldn't meet my eye. I stayed right where I was.

Then the redheaded woman called over one of the OSMH people and apparently voiced her displeasure. The woman from the OSMH brought Griff some crayons and a clipboard with Paul Revere pages to color. Griffin was very good. It's not like I brought a three-year old Frankie to the lecture.

When the lecture ended, I looked over, but Miss Fussy had hurried away.

Very wise.

After the lecture we bought books, had lunch and went to the bank. Everywhere we went Griff charmed people, he is so cute and very polite.

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