Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's Talk About How Lucky I Am

I often post pics of the view from Jen's house. Yesterday I had an errand that took me to the opposite side of the Bay. This is the view of Rocky Nook from Duxbury.
So, someone aggravated me. It wasn't really that aggravating, but I knew if I posted about it....someone, or in this case, more than one someone, would say "What jerk bothered you?"

And "poof!" I would be allllll better. It's almost mean to have posted about it, because I am so lucky and that person is such a loser.

But yesterday was aggravating. Fourth day of swelling and numbness and electrical shocks.....and an email from Kate, my NP. Kate addressed my concerns about last Thursday, but the bottom line was that infusion is what it is. I had also written to her about how jumbled and incoherent I feel and how I am slipping away from myself.

She answered that I wasn't imagining it. Kate suggested I stop "overbooking" myself until after the stem cell transplant. And it will get worse.

Living just a fraction of my normal life is now "overbooking".

So I was kinda feeling sorry for myself. But really, I have no business dwelling on it. Between my family and my friends and the people on this blog.....not to mention the fact that there will be life after the stem cell transplant......I am one of the most fortunate people I know.

If I sat down and listed the good parts and the bad parts....and you know I am too lazy to even attempt this.....I would run out of paper for the good parts.

You know in March I will celebrate a half a century. My sisters were already planning for this. I was shocked. You know how I found out? They beefed that my stem cell transplant was interfering with their planning! LOL! We are so mean! I love it! Grace said not to worry, I wouldn't actually miss the festivities.....they would put balloons on my wheelchair and wheel me in for an appearance.

Some friends from high school took me to the disco brunch at Gargoyles on Sunday. It's been years since I saw some of these people, but they put their weekend plans aside and came out to make sure I knew that I mattered to them. Brunch was good, their company was awesome and now I have a new term for the stem cell transplant. Alyce said she didn't want to think about all the time I would spend in the hospital, so she was just going to say that I was "going to the spa". Then the table had a discussion of what my hair will be like when it grows back in. Of course, that was after we had a good laugh about how it's blue and purple now. I love the color, it rocks!

The other day, my son Tom helped me pick out a pair of PJ's for my "trip to the spa". They are purple and go with my hair.

So it's Jen's birthday and this blue and purple haired sister is taking her out for a "spa pedicure".


Rachelle Jones said...

excited to hear about the stem cell transplant....praying for you. Missed you in Hawaii. It was relaxing, except for the killer flight. Wish you could have come. Mr. Andi has a new name. "Rascal Man", named by a local.

Love ya

Yer Marine said...

Saw the perfect Boston Maggie bumper sticker on the way home from the pistol range this morning.

"Everyone, let's please focus on me!"

BostonMaggie said...

AWTM - I may go visit Mr. & Mrs. Rascal Man after this round. Florida is easier on me than Hawaii, lol! But I know Hawaii would have rocked. I would love to have been able to hang with all the SpouseBuzz chicas!

My Marine - As you khnow....those are words to live by!

Mrs. Diva said...

You know I'm always in your corner, so I hope whoever aggravated you gets crabs....not the tasty kind either :(

Love the bumper sticker! It practically screams your name. lol