Monday, August 09, 2010

I'll give You The Fun Stuff First

See? For all the ranting and raving - "Maggie, why can't you be nice?" I am going to be nice.
The fun part -

My Marine told me to be in the Charlestown Navy Yard at 0700 to see them put USS Cassin Young DD-793 into Dry Dock #1 for repairs.

Actually, he called me Friday, too excited to wait to see me on Saturday and said "Where are you going to be Monday morning?" I answered that I was going to be wherever he told me to be! That was the right answer wasn't it?

I have never seen such an operation and I had to be in Boston anyway for a Dr. Miller appointment.

Plus, I have to do everything My Marine says.....right?

So I was there at 0715, which, before you start moaning about tardiness...admit that's pretty damn good for me. Turns out that it was pushed back twice to 0900.
This is what I saw at 0739, so I didn't miss a thing!
So I wandered around and talked to different people till I found who I wanted to hang with. I totally struck gold!
Three retired Sailors! A radioman, a Bubblehead & a SeaBee! Better yet, it was mutual, they were amused by me. They were sitting on this electric line winch or something. It's a big cement block with a motor inside (that apparently doesn't work) and this knob thing the main tow line goes around. So I thought they were just hanging like me to watch. I explained I was a blogger and asked if they read blogs. One had on occasion read CDR Salamander and I jumped on it! "I've been out drinking with him!" There I was engaging in an activity I excel at....riding other people's coattails! At one point I went off to ask a question and my new friends; Jimmy, Alan and Artie called out goodbye and told me to have a good time. I looked back and said "Oh, I'll be guys are a find!"

And I did. They were talking about knots and the electric winch we were sitting on and the bulldozer parked next to us. Guess what? They were there to pull the main tow line (yeah, it's not a rope, it's a line) around the knob thing on the winch with Jimmy driving the bulldozer. How effin' cool it that? It's wicked cool.

So someone brings them work gloves and they ask where my gloves are. I explain that I am "unhelpful". I sit on the block while they work around me.

Finally I am made to move back behind the lines. I have some shaky pics, but I think in a day or two, I will have better ones. I looked for the person who appeared to be as enthusiastic about the event as myself and I found two young ladies who were hanging with one of the Park Rangers. They work in the Navy Yard and came down in their off time to see this. Cross your fingers we get pics!

So for the next 45 minutes or so, all kinds of different people, construction people, contractors, USS Cassin Young volunteers, and my new friends all pulled together and with the help of a tug, nudged, pulled, guided USS Cassin Young DD-793 from her berth into Dry Dock #1.
It effin' rocked! I did not realize that I could love My Marine more than I already did....but for sending me on this adventure....I love him more than when I woke up this morning!
See this yellow and black block? That was where we were sitting, facing the ship until they had to get to work and I had to move behind the caution tape.
When the ship was secure, Jimmy mentioned that he had hoped for a quick visit over to USS Constitution. I told him it was closed on Mondays. I took one look at his disappointed face and said "I'll be back." I ran over to Old Ironsides gate and asked if I could see CDR Cooper for five minutes and true to form, he and his crew were gracious enough to make it happen for me. I am so grateful that they even entertain my requests, much less grant them!

So I went back and grabbed them up and presented them to the gate. I had to leave then for my Dr. Miller appointment. But I got one last piece of info. they will be involved with the repairs, so I will be back, looking to see even more cool stuff. I have already talked to My Marine and he agrees....we have to get down there for this!!

Some of you are reading this and thinking "What is this nerd girl so excited about?" If you don't get it, I can't explain it.....but let me tell you, I am excited. I think this was a stellar day. And it comes in the middle of a whole timeline of cool things. My trip to Denver (thank you Fishmugger), my tour if the USS Truxton DDG-103 (thank you Navy League & Tom Redden), lunch with My Marine and now this. Still to come is a tour of the NHC Detachment Boston as soon as I can schedule it; the anniversary of the Battle of the USS Constitution vs. HMS Guerriere on 19 August 2010 (open to the public, please come!!!) and CPO Heritage Weeks!

~~~~~OK, this is the suck part. Stop if you are only here for the fun Navy stuff.

So I left and went to Dr. Miller's office in NEMC. I was hoping to get some pain meds. The pain has been worse than the little hints I have been dropping. Instead of pain meds he insisted that chemo begin now, six weeks early.

We had this discussion at 1500 (3 pm) and I was in the infusion room at 1600 (4 pm). So, I am awake, cranky, mean, with a headache and a pain in my chest to take my mind off of the pain in my ankles with I still have. I have been crying since he told me.

It's been a huge pity party. I am not ready. I had a plan. I had all kinds of things. I am not just disappointed, but thanks to the dex they gave with the Velcade, I am raging that I didn't make it to Kansas or the Grand Canyon.

I have cancelled Cold River.


Sarah said...

Maggie, that sucks, I'm so sorry.

Your description of the Navy Yard goings on was fantastic, though. Damn I miss living there!!

Dbie said...

I'm crying with you, Maggie. This hurts my heart.

But I am thrilled that you got to see the dry docking, and arranged the Constitution tour! You are a blessed woman in many ways... now if we can only get rid of that damned cancer.

AW1 Tim said...

Ah Maggie..... one thing at a time. Don't sweat the grand Canyon. It's a big scratch in the dirt. Why worry about that when you can see warships and sailors and other such naughty-cal stuff, eh?

We're all with ya, Maggie. Anything you need, all you have to do is ask.

Yer Marine said...

Yer Marine...

Prays on his knees.

Besides, the Big Dig cost much more than the Grand Canyon, and took longer, too. And how many cadavers of Boston mobsters are encased in the walls of the Grand Canyon? Probably not many.....