Sunday, May 03, 2009

We Have Received Complaints!!!

First off from Jennifer -

She had to come to the blog today. Jen & Grace rarely read me & Grace would like me to refer to her as "anonymous" in "I had dinner today with my parents and Jen and my anonymous sister". Anyway, I wanted Jen to print this pic for my Dad. So on the drive up and she says "What's going on there? Your blog used to be 90% nonsense and now it's all Navy stuff. You need to get back to nonsense. You know like what kind of lotion you're wearing." For the record it's Bath&BodyWorks Lavender Chamomile. She cautioned that if I got too serious, I wouldn't enjoy it as much anymore and it would become a chore. Jen's probably right. I remember when I was invited to guest blog at USNI, that was pretty much why I turned it down. So I will have to be more careful. Actually I am still a lot of nonsense, but it's been over on Twitter. I love Twitter, it suits me. I am a bomb thrower, not a deep thinker....I think the Milblog Conference showed that.

Next - Again from Jen, a comment in the post below
"You are a coward for not saying it like it happened; exactly why was it we were singing that song to you Maggie?

The song she is referencing is in this post.

So, let me confess - there is a part I left out about my encounter with RDML Thorp. The part where I was not respectful of his rank. I regret my tone.

On the drive home we were, of course, discussing this. We were discussing the best ourse of action. I said I was going to contact RDML Thorp and express my regret......then on comes Phil Collins singing about apologizing to someone.

As far as the other two commenters in that post......come on! You can't be surprised. If I made it easy for you, I wouldn't be Maggie.

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