Saturday, May 02, 2009

Why Isn't It 3 Questions About Maggie?

So, that trouble maker CJ interviewed the very wise and discerning Pinch. We were between panels last Saturday at the Milblogger's Conference.

You can watch the video here.....he has restrictions and I can't embed it here. Humph!

The question was "What is one of your favorite blogs here?"

Pinch's answer? "I think my favorite is "BostonMaggie" (yeah baby, I love you too!)

Then CJ proceeds to the contest "Two Right, One Wrong".

But they are about "BlackFive"!!!!


Shouldn't they have been about me?

Anyway, it's two minutes long, but only the first minute is about can skip the rest. LOL
Don't worry, I love you Matt, I am wearing my "The Paratrooper of Love" T-shirt today.

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