Sunday, May 03, 2009

Now We Get To My Adventure In An Adventure

Just before the tour began I was recounting to CDR Junge that I had spoken on the phone to VADM Harvey and unfortunately this tour wouldn't be going near the Navy part of the Pentagon. CDR Junge got a twinkle in his eye and I wondered what sort of plan he was hatching. After all, CDR Junge is a Sailor who gets things done.

Well we wrap up the meeting and my fellow bloggers are dividing into two groups. I wonder if this is when we will make a break for it, lol. CDR Junge approached Lindy and asked if he could take me up to VADM Harvey's office. Hmmmm, this doesn't sound like a covert plan.......Lindy pointed at him & looked him deep in the eyes and said "You are responsible for her. This is my job!!". Wha??? Whatever could she be worried about? LOL CDR Junge swore a Boy Scout oath or whatever military people do to each other when undertaking a serious and dangerous mission.......and we were off.

CDR Junge is a fast walker. I was wearing inappropriate anyone surprised? If you are, it's you first time here, isn't it?

We get to VADM Harvey's office and I am breathless - gotta get back to the gym, lol. CDR Junge was greeted warmly by the Admiral's accomplices are only "top drawer" I assure you. He asked if "the big guy" had a minute for us.

Now let me say that I would have been thrilled with a head popping out of the door and a handshake. I know everything on this blog points to my ego being completely out of control. After all, I am the one who introduced herself to some serious looking guy from Small Wars Journal with "Have you had the pleasure of meeting me yet?" But really I am completely aware of my spot at 14,999 in the TTLB ecosystem.

Although, to toot my own horn........ VADM Harvey has been here aaaaannnnndd commented ....lalalala!

Anyway, a few moments later VADM Harvey came out and shook my hand and greeted me warmly. I already had a high opinion of the man & I was glad he lived up to it. He invited us into his office and we spent five minutes discussing new media.


Now I am not saying that he's Twittering from his cell phone, but the Admiral gets it. Social media is the future and the Navy has to find it's place there.

So after our visit CDR Junge took me back to the Metro, via "Ground Zero".

Meeting these two gentlemen was the highlight of my trip and my great pleasure.

*****NOTE - Nothing I have done on my own made this possible. I rode Galrahn's coattails all the way. Thanks G!

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