Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Speaking Of All the Stuff I Have To Read

I am drowning in reading material here! LOL

Galrahn has me reading social media stuff. And all the Twitters I have picked up from tweeting about social media have piled on more stuff.

Nevermind what I already have. I have Barnett, and I am attempting "Two Ocean War" by Morison. If I am successful with that, I am supposed to try "War Plan Orange"

And let me tell you - @Roger_Pociask is KILLING me! I told him that I had too much stuff to read and even though his stuff about Africom seems very intersting - if I start reading about one more thing, my head would explode. So, does he stop? No, he piles it on! I sent another Tweet "You don't like me very much do you?" LOL I have the account set so that direct messages send an alert to my cell phone. So at 0748 my pillow buzzes, yes, I sleep with the cell under my pillow. It's @Roger_Pociask with a direct message about AMB Yates and VADM Moeller in Nigeria. So the first thing on my mind this morning was Roger, Africom, AMB Yates....hope he's happy.

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