Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun, Carbs, Laughs, I'm Exhausted

I was a bad girl.

I saw it coming.

There are always great desserts at Kathy's parties.

Her daughter-in-law made something - I don't know, it was chocolate covered in chocolate, sprinkled with chocolate.....I was lost.

I got enough questions in trivia after all one of the answers was "Jim's goddaughter" and I waved my arms and said "What is ME?" LOL

On the way home we were listening to the Andelman brothers on WTKK. They were breaking balls on the station manager about the useless news updates. They claim, and I agree that no one listens to that show for the news updates. Even more ridiculous is that in this age of the Internet, no one is waiting for the radio station to give them stock/financial updates at 14 past the hour.

They asked listeners to call in with their own useless updates. I called in.

"Ok Maggie, what can you give updates on?"

I told them "I have a two-fer! History and maritime updates. This Thursday, June 4th we are observing the 67th anniversary of the Battle of Midway in the Charlestown Navy Yard."

"Is there theme music for your updates? You need a theme?"

"I will sing Anchors Aweigh! Come on, it's important for your listeners to come on down at 11 am on Thursday June 4th to the Navy Yard and join with us at the Cassin Young."

"Yeah, yeah, Maggie you got your plug in." they laughed. Then another said "Is her nickname 'Old Ironsides'?"

Fine, make a joke.....I got my plug in! And in return, I will plug their thing. The Andelmans do a great service and run a big fundraiser for the "Joey Fund" to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Tomorrow is the "Hot Dog Safari" if you are in the should go.

So I talked Jen into Lobster Hut. Mmmmmmm, fried haddock and onion rings on the Plymouth waterfront on a perfect summer evening. Jen had the clams.

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