Thursday, May 21, 2009

And .....We Have A Winnah!!!

*****22 MAY 0031 - OK, so I made it through this....and now I have to go to bed. I sent off an email noting how the CNO Pool would have gone a little differently if I had read this first.******

Of all the stuff I just told you that I have to read, Galrahn just put up something that rockets to the top of the list.

What Does a Duck Look Like? Naval Flag Officers in 2002

You see it's from a prominent member of Princess Crabby's Navy Coterie........CDR Michael Junge.

I have to go back to the gym. Not just because I ate those foolish chicken fingers, but because the recumbent bike gives me uninterrupted reading time.

But ADM Allen's Coast Guard Publication 1 is a close second.

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