Tuesday, May 12, 2009

US Now Premeiring Online

Us Now film premiere (US, UK AND ONLINE)

I didn't pay enough attention to this and missed the "event" part, but the film is online here.

The DOD Blogger's Roundtable ran a little long while CAPT Lineberry found a line with a good connection. But that's fine....you know with me, Navy comes first.

I tried Twittering the call. Eh....it was ok. My ADD interferes with multitasking, lol.

CAPT Lineberry is Mission Commander for Continuing Promise 2009. The call started out with three bloggers and MC3 William Selby as our moderator. However due to the delays from USNS Comfort, it ended up just Beth Wilson of Homefront in Focus and myself.

I'll post more about it later. For now I want to catch this film.

Oh and a point I thought was important by way of a retwitter from @cheeky_geeky (Dr. Mark Drapeau) on Twitter this morning. -

Dont' focus on current tool, that changes, focus on why. That will help with adaptability. (RT @salemonz) #jpawg

And thanks to @salemonz too!

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Anathema said...

OK - so you met the man...but was he nice to you?