Thursday, May 07, 2009

I'm Off To My Sister's House

Tonight is "Supernatural" otherwise known as "Conference Call With Our Goddaughters" night. I haven't really followed this show, but it's fun to be there when the calls start coming in.

So, it's off to nonsense and I note it here because there have been complaints.

Plus Jen's house is Atkins friendly and I am on day 11. Nothing like seeing yourself on video hauling around the 44 pounds of steroid/chemo weight to make you go on a diet.

I saw that video and all I could think of was an old episode in Friends when Monica tries to explain that she looks heavy in a video tape of her prom night with "Shut up! The camera adds ten pounds!" and Chandler responds "Ah, so how many cameras were actually on you?"

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Anonymous said...

Have a good time! And good luck with the Atkins...I just started going to a Crossfit workout -- insane but very cool and favortite of SEALs. In my case I am trying to get rid of the chemo weight my mother was supposed to gain but instead I did feeding her extras to tempt her.