Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I fell off Atkins and was a piglet tonight. Jen & I went to the Randolph Lux tonight to see "Angels & Demons". Have you been? It's a great venue to see a movie in. Although I am fond of IMAX for movies with special effects, the Lux is the best all around experience. They've ripped out the back rows of a regular theater and sectioned it off. Then they installed big, wide cushy chairs with tray tables. The seats are spaced a short distance apart. So noise is much less of a problem. You already know what a movie-nazi I am, lol.

Anyway, it's an over 21 section and they serve adult beverages and food. They have chicken fingers and there is Captain Crunch in the batter, lol. It's sweet and crunchy and TOTALLY bad for me. I had popcorn, M&Ms and Coke. All that's like heroin to me. I get a total rush when it surges through me, lol!!!

So we get there in plenty of time to catch previews. Jen & I are cinephiles, we love everything about the movies. We show up for previews. We stay for credits. The first preview is for the second "Transformers" movie. I'm not interested, so I get settled and peruse the menu. I don't know why because I already know I am getting the chicken. The next preview is for the remake of "The Taking of The Pelham 123". I lean over to Jen and say that this is a remake of a movie from the early 70's with Walter Matthau. We both make a face and giggle. We don't think that much of him. She asks if it was good and I said "Yeah, it's a classic, I think." She looks at me quizzically. I laugh - here is the upside of all the drugs I am taking and all the brain damage I have suffered since chemo and cancer and pain killers........I can't remember this movie. I know I saw it. I think I was with my father, helluva guess, I know. But seriously. I can see Matthau, he was a cop. And I knew that someone takes the train hostage. But....that's it.

So, our movie starts. I wasn't that crazy about "The DaVinci Code". I thought the book was ok. It didn't change how I feel about my faith. As a matter of fact, I thought it was a lot of nonsense. Despite the fact that people tell you that Catholics don't actually read the Bible; they are wrong. I own and have read my Bible. I am actually reading it again along with HomeFront Six and her group - although I am woefully behind.....not my fault - other people keep sending me stuff to read. Anyway, I thought the movie was even more of a disappointment because I thought Hanks was totally miscast. Langdon is supposed to be a dashing heartthrob college professor. Hanks with his pasty skin and greasy hair didn't fit the bill. But this time he looked a lot better. Seemed more fit and they fixed his hair. Still not dashing, but he looked a lot better. Plus, both Jennifer and I like this book much better.

The verdict - two thumbs up. Although, it was impossible for Jen not to like it. All through the movie, they would show Rome and Jen would sigh. She was in Rome a few years ago and as soon as we win the lottery, she is on the first plane back.

Again, my brain damage came in handy, I was still in a little suspense even though I had read the! Gotta look on the bright side, I where are those "oxy"s????

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