Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He's Not Talking About Me!

That would be ridiculous!

VADM Harvey's words are being discussed far and wide.

Here's the part that riled some -
"With respect to your comment concerning participation in the blogosphere and the upcoming milbloggers conference, let me speak pretty plainly - most of the blogs I’ve dropped in on and read on a regular basis leave me pretty cold. Too many seem to be interested in scoring cheap, and anonymous, hits vice engaging in meaningful and professional exchanges. There is also a general lack of reverence for facts and an excess of emotion that, for me, really reduces the value of the blog. Incorrect/inaccurate data and lots of hype may be entertaining for some, but just doesn’t work for me."

The question was asked - "Who is he talking about?"

Well I just know it isn't me. If VADM Harvey met me, he'd love me.


Stella said...

You? LOL. (I may need to borrow that quote, though.)

BostonMaggie said...

It isn't me, I am too small to register. But the larger Naval Blogosphere is trying to win him over. Unfortunately...or fortunately for them....the Army is much more receptive to bloggers.

JCHjr said...

Boston Maggie - I am certainly not talking about you!
But it is very interesting to see how many bloggers think I'm talking about them.
Just for the record - please help spread the word that I do indeed have a sense of humor.
In fact, runor has it that I was even a JO once, living in a 10 man bunkroom underneath #3 Catapult on USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65) back in some of my glory days from 1974-1976.
Anyway, I hope you are feeling better; we're all pulling for you.
All the best, JCHjr

Anonymous said...

And like VADM Harvey told me in his comments (that were further down and past this original statement) he does plan to read, just as he exhibited, and participate, just as he did. Go back to the original article and read his last reply.


Stella said...

I know, Maggie: you appreciate research and facts too much to post "incorrect/inaccurate data" on your blog.

I'm still borrowing that quote some day if VADM Harvey doesn't mind. It might be appropriate for some blogs: maybe even mine...

Be well.

Stella said...

Oh, now I see. I've been in front of this computer too long.