Sunday, May 17, 2015

"I'll Take 'The Letter M' for $800, Alex."

"Here's the answer - 'When people who aren't from Boston describe themselves or are described by others as being Bostonians."

Ding! Ding!

"Yes, Diane."

"What are things that are MADDENING?"

"That is correct for $800.  Please let go of the signaling button, you're breaking it.  Can we get someone out here to pry her fingers off our equipment?"

Yes, that is how I feel when some clown writes about Bostonians and then references non-Bostonians.  So & so from Newton?  Not a Bostonian.  So & so attending a local college or university?  Yeah, that person is a glorified tourist.

It's not a nebulous definition.  As you enter Boston, there are signs "Entering Boston".  There is no Boston/Hopkinton or Boston/Marshfield line, so no, you aren't "almost" either.

And some of the most non-Bostonian people ever are the people who own, run & edit the Boston Globe.  Bostonians who read the Boston Globe do so largely for the sports page.  The paper is owned by The New York Times. And even when editorial control as local, you're talking about Tom Winship, born in Cambridge and moved to Lincoln.  For pity's sake!  You almost have to go back to founder Charles Taylor to find a Bostonian!

So when Politico announces "Bostonians Queasy On Death Penalty" based on a Boston Globe poll...........I think I'm having an aneurysm.

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