Thursday, February 06, 2014

Dear Massachusetts Voters

Just some facts for you -

Massachusetts State Rep.Carlos Henriqez, D-Dorchester was convicted on two counts of assault against his ex-girlfriend.  Rep Henriquez is currently serving six months in Billerica HoC.

He has been asked to resign by many of his fellow Democrats, including Gov. Deval Patrick.  But he declined.  So the Legislature was forced to call for a vote on expelling him.

Today Rep Henriquez came before the Massachusetts State Legislature in shackles to plead his case.  During the discussion, State Rep Russell E. Holmes, D-Boston brought forth an amendment to only censure, not expel the Honorable Mr. Henriquez (it's weird to use that word for a man who beat and terrorized his ex-girlfriend as he drove her around, but it is proper for his position).  Ten representatives voted for the censure only option, but it was otherwise soundly defeated.

At the end of the day, 146 representatives voted to expel and some abstained, but five voted not to expel.

Who voted NOT to expel?

State Rep Russell Holmes D-Boston

State Rep Benjamin Swan D-Springfield

State Rep Carl Sciortino, D-Medford

These three are bad enough, but the next two are women.  Really?  Disgusting.

State Rep Gloria Fox D-Roxbury

State Rep Denise Provost D-Somerville

Oh, and can you see any pattern/commonality among these five?

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