Thursday, March 07, 2013

Why Google Is Dangerous For People With ADHD

This happens to me more times than I can say.

I should be going to bed at a reasonable hour.  I'm thinking about spring.  I want a bike.  Let's Google this.  Just this and then I'll stop.  That Schwinn looks good.  Is Schwinn made in America?  Let's check.  Real quick.  No clue on their website.  Let's ask them on Twitter.  Just that and nothing else.  Oh, look, there's a tweet from - fill in the blank - and he linked to something.

And two hours later, I'm still reading.

So the other night I promise myself that I am just going to take a quick look at my email.  There is a link from a local political source about Cardinal O'Malley.  Well just a peek.  Cause I don't like O'Malley and I never have.  It's a blog called Boston Catholic Insider.  In the comments some people mention some terms I am not familiar with.  So I Google them.

Two hours later I can barely keep my eyes open as I read about anti-popes and this alternate Catholic reality.

It's never, ever just a quick peek.

Funniest part was the next morning I was telling Tommy and he knew all about it already.

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Lemon Stand said...

Yep. That nails me too. If I want to get anything done on time, I can't even turn on my computer, but since my phone allows me to comment on your post, maybe I need to shut it off too? :)