Thursday, July 07, 2011

My Beeeeehind Hurts!

So yesterday I was in Dr. Miller's office for my third bone marrow biopsy.

The first, back in July, 2008 was to confirm my actual diagnosis. It was horribly painful start to finish. My second one in December, 2010 was much easier. Although the doctor doing it poked at me for so long to pick a spot, poking and poking, that I almost lost my temper. But yesterday there was a minimum of poking and a minimum of pain.

I was high as a kite - 30 mg of oxycodone & 1 Ativan and lidocaine for the local area.

Everyone was so concerned about getting betadine on my clothes, which I appreciated. But afterwards I rolled right into a pool of my own blood. LOL! Yeah, I am so poised and graceful.

Anyway, my white blood cell count has FINALLY crossed into normal range!!!! May - 3,800; June - 3,000; yesterday - 4,700!!!! Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

So what do you do in Boston when you are high as a kite wandering down Washington Street? Well, first you buy a slush because it's 90 degrees out. Then you stop in Sweet Cupcakes on School Street to pick up four Red Sox cupcakes. Then you go back to the Old South Meeting House and blame them because they keep tweeting about Sweet Cupcakes.

Then you walk home to Charlestown because you realize that you have spent all your money and you don't have your bank card on you.

The walk was fine until I got to CVS to drop off my prescriptions. I think stopping and standing killed my momentum. I was praying someone would come and pull me up Wood Street when I left CVS. No one did, but fortunately Frankie drove me back when it was time to pick up the scripts.

The frosting on Sweet Cupcakes was perfect. My mother was impressed too. I sent two home with Frankie for himself and Brittany.

I was in bed early and slept for 12 solid hours!

But as I behind hurts.


elle said...

Wait .. Red Sox cupcakes?? What are these and why aren't I surrounded by them?

(fantastic news! The counts, not the butt paint)

elle said...