Friday, May 27, 2011

I Am The Best Mother Evah!

Frankie says so.

We are all watching the Bruins game from our various locations. Frankie sent me a text that thunderstorms had knocked out his cable. I began texting play-by-play. When his cable came back he sent me a message "You R the best mother evah!"

I told him this was nothing.....I used to do whole Red Sox games when the Favorite Naval Consort was out on night maneuvers off Newport.


elle said...

That's some top notch parenting right there.

I was in a bar, getting chatted up by a nice young man (10 yrs younger) when I got a text that the Sox game was postponed (I get Sox game text updates, as well as Yankee scores). He told me I was his dream girl.

Tom Goering said...

Congratulations to the Bruins - it was a well fought series!