Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gentle Suggestions.....

....my eye!

I have been reading "Sea of Thunder" forrrrrrever. I keep picking up other stuff when I have a question and going back. So lately a few of the Navy Coterie have started to come back at my questions with...."You should have read Last Stand of the TinCan Sailors first."

As you can imagine there is not much sympathy in this group. No warm and fuzzies. No one says "Sorry Maggie, we should have stopped you and given you better direction before it came to this point" No, they just watch me flounder and point out my errors, lol!

So the final straw was one of the newest members, a Chief, saying it. I'm like...."Fine!"

I tell SB and he's says "Yeah, that's probably a good idea." Thanks SouthieBoy! Nothing like chiming in after the fact. What's slowing you down? It's not like you are in a different time zone anymore. (Don't tell Jen I wrote that about her BFF)

I couldn't find it in the house. It's probably in a box somewhere - yeah, yeah my bedroom still isn't painted. So Jen picked it up for me from the library.

Now, of course, I want points. So I go back out on Facebook toi the Chief and say -

"OK, I've got "Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors". I'll start tonight. By the time I get back to "Sea of Thunder" I will forget what this was all about. You know, I have a new guy trying to get me to read more about piracy in the GOA.....but he's a former Marine and told him "Back of the line buddy!"

He answers "Going with Last Stand is a good choice. I really think you will like it better. It is better writing, and the perspective is a little more to my liking. Have a box of tissue on hand, towards the end."

Good choice? Like I actually had a choice. What is he talking about? It was an order. He says -

"Tell the Grunt that while Aden piracy is current and sexy, Leyte Gulf and Samar is where we forged our modern Navy. Not to mention, saying "Leyte" sounds cooler than "GOA." Marines... and it wasn't an Order, per se. It was a gentle "suggestion"

LOL! If he wants me to read LSTCS....he better stop calling the Marine's stuff "sexy". I am easily led.

You know........the Marine is nicer to me......

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Anonymous said...

Come on now. Boatswains Mates are KNOWN for their charm and sensitivity.