Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let's Show USCGC BOUTWELL Some Love

From the USNI Blog

USCGC BOUTWELL Crew Gives Shoutouts With The Commandant - Give One Back

While onboard BOUTWELL this week in Djibouti, crewmembers had the rare opportunity to say “Hi” to their loved ones back home while they circumnavigate the globe supporting the 5th, 6th and 7th fleets. You can see their videos here (check back over the next couple days, we have more to upload).

Let’s try a social media experiment and show your support to the crew of BOUTWELL by sending them your thanks and best wishes. You can do it three ways:

– Comment to this post
– Leave a post on their fanpage
– Comment on individual videos in the photobucket

I encourage other milbloggers to take on this experiment and see how much support we can send toward the crew of the BOUTWELL from the blogosphere!

We will be sure they get all the messages, but we are sure they and their loved ones will also be checking themselves.

Here are some examples of what BOUTWELL has been up to:

BOUTWELL Conducts Training with Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) (Feb. 4-7)

Three Day Engagement Visit to Chochin India (Feb. 17-20)

Law Enforcement Symposium with Maldives National Defense Force (Feb. 21-24)

BOUTWELL participates in the Multi-national exercise, AMAN 09 (Mar. 5-14)

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