Thursday, February 19, 2009

"I've Told You What I Think.....

....I'm not going to go back and forth about it."

From the latest medical professional (and I use the word "professional" loosely.) Princess Crabby is seeing.

I could almost hear it in a comical German accent - "Don't questions zee dok-tor!"

Yeah, fuck you buddy.

We will call him Dr. D - not because his last name started with "D", but because he was a dick as in "Bigus Dickus" from Monty Python.

I thought I was lucky to grab that neurology cancellation yesterday, huh?

I thought it was cool that because I was "Maggie from X-Company" they put me at the top of the cancellation list, huh?

Well yesterday's appointment ended up split into two. First where he hit me rapid fire with 3 different reasons for my numbness, tingling, achiness, pain and jabs in my hands/arms and feet/legs. None were related to chemo. When I pointed out that I had none of these problems before chemo; that the causes he sited had been present for dozens of years - he got snippy.

No one loathes logic more than Princess Crabby - but come on!

The statement at the top is more or less how he ended the first session and I was scheduled to come back for a test where he would administer electrical shocks to prove his point about one of the diagnoses, carpal tunnel syndrome. He said my right hand was very bad, probably to the surgical level. I was confused, working in the medical equipment field I have talked to people who are to the level of surgery they are in much more pain? Yes he answered but I have been on dex which lessens the inflammation, so it was masked. So dex masked the pain I didn't have before I took the dex?

"I've told you what I think, I'm not going to go back and forth about it." Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

Followed by -

"Wash with soap before you come back." Excuse me? I didn't need to say it out loud, I have no poker face. So he added "I notice you have nice hand cream on, it interferes with conduction."

Possibly at charm school they would have advised him to reverse those two statements.

I'll get to the second visit later. All you really need to know is that I spent last evening self-medicates with copious amounts of Cold River vodka and cranberry juice with lime wedges....commonly know as Cape Codders.


Mrs. K said... Cape Cods.

Anonymous said...

Did Dr. D. Hail fwom Whome?

BostonMaggie said...

LOL! What?