Saturday, August 19, 2006

New Orleans

Just popped into an Internet Cafe down the street from the hotel for the drink, and the AC as much as the blogger access.

Security at Logan - Lax at best. I am, of course the only geek who packed her cell phone thanks to advice from Instapilot over at the Castle. Thanks buddy! The thing I wanted the most was toothpaste and lipstick for when I landed. I didn't want the Ogre meeting me before I was freshened up. As with most of my plans........they rarely survive contact with reality. It was brilliantly concieved and executed despite my sister Grace's worries. I have this bra that has two pockets. They are for little air pillows to *create* cleavage. (Have you met me? If you have you realize I don't need them.) So I took a smear of toothpaste, put it on a little square of Saran Wrap, folded it up and put it in the pocket on the right. Then I did the same with a dab of lipstick. Ingenious, huh? As I noted previously, I came up with this plan up in New Hampshire with Grace and Jennifer after many Ketel One infused lemonades. Anyway, I get to New Orleans at midnight, get off the plane and guess what? No bathrooms before the gate. LOL!!!! So I successully smuggled my stuff and had no chance to use it. Typical Maggie story.

The Ogre!!! - Is just as crazy in person as he is on line and loads of fun. Right off the bat I realize I was completely correct to insist on a hotel in the French Quarter instead of staying at his place 9 miles west. In the course of greeting me, picking up my bags, and driving to the hotel there were 4 phone calls from his work. I have seen him a grand total of 9 hours in the last 36. This despite his protests that he was leaving the shipyard Thursday evening and devoting his full attention to me until I left Monday. No matter, I am a person who likes to be on my own. When he did swing into my world yesterday for gumbo (oysters, yuck!!) and Cape Codders at Coop's Place and it was a riot. He is like no one I've ever met. He says and does the most outrageous things and everyone just seems to want to do what he wants. I am awed. When we pulled up to the Maison Dupuy, the lot was full. There was a sign and orange cones. He got out of the car, moved the cones, and drove into the courtyard. The garage guy comes running over and the Ogre just says in that southern drawl "Hey brother, you gonna hook me up with parking?" Up in Boston, that guy woulda been calling a tow to take that pretty little Corvette away. But not here. The man smiles, nods, takes the keys and handles it.

Maison Dupuy - The hotel is charming. The pool is lovely. The staff is helpful and like the rest of the French Quarter, they can't bring you enough drinks, fast enough.

The Quarter - It is like one large pub crawl. People are sitting and drinking, walking and drinking, driving and drinking at all hours of the day and night. They have take out windows for cocktails! This morning at 9 am there was a young man walking past me in a marijuana cloud. It is absolutely fascinating. The people, the buildings, everything. I took a walking tour sponsered by the Friends of the Cabildo, a historical society. Loved it.

It's in the 90s and humid. In very many ways it reminds me of Dubai. I was on my own there a lot while SB gave the taxpayers their money's worth. The heat, the slow pace.........except for SouthieBoy's company at night (the highlight of the trip, I assure you) it is a very similar vacation. I like going about on my own, poking about.

I am headed back to the hotel now to swim until it cools off enough to explore some more or the Ogre!!! surfaces.

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