Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Life Is A Fellinni Film

Some things happen only to me.

Saturday I was trying to put something ungainly into my car. My boss pulled up next to my car, started talking to me and I was distracted. My passenger door swings shut on it's own and voila! My keys are locked in my car. Fine, it's not the first time, I'll go to the dry cleaners 2 doors down and get a wire hanger. My boss points out that the owner of the police and fire supply shop is there, why don't I just get a slimjim from him? I didn't want to, I don't like asking for favors and I wouldn't know how to use said tool. But fine. One of the guys I work with says he knows how to use it, Paul gladly gives me the tool in question, off we go. After a bit, I go to the dry cleaner anyway and get the hanger so I can work on the passenger side door which is not completely closed. After maybe five minutes, I have the door open. Ian is still working on the drivers side door and now his burglars tool is stuck. I go back to work. Thirty minutes later, Ian is still stuck. I have to go run an errand, so I drive home with the tool sticking out of my door. My sister's boyfriend sees this when I stop and her house and goes out to take care of it. He spends thirty minutes, takes off the inside panel of the drivers side door. No luck. More driving around with the slimjim sticking out of my door. Monday I go over to the police and fire supply and ask how much to buy it. After all, now it's going to have to be cut off with one piece always stuck inside the door.

Lessons learned:

If I am busy and my boss starts talking to me: Ignore her.
If my keys are stuck in my car: Stick with a coat hanger.
If someone makes a suggestion that I don't like: Go with my first instinct.

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