Tuesday, May 06, 2008

You Slay Me Baby!

Well I got my first grade on yesterday's Milblog and I haven't even written the post, lol! I will later I promise, the massage & body scrub and then the story about CDR McWhorter distracted me (it's called A.D.D. - look it up).

Anyway, I will post about it later and after I do....the next project involves some heavy reading. The Navy coterie is disussing a new topic (start here, here, and here) which I will need to get up to speed on soon or this train is going to pass me by.

So, my first grade? Galrahn of Information Dissemination, who was the one to call me on my nonsense and set me on the right track.

Enter one of my favorite bloggers, Boston Maggie, who we'll refer to as the goddess of the naval blogger strike group keeping us all honest. Maggie kicked ass today at the roundtable, giving us something to talk about with this issue, which I was not sure was actually possible. Even better, she did it with one good question.

Ha! Where's my convertible????? I'll never make it to work sticking my big fat head out the window of the Saturn!

Thank you Galrahn, as I said before you are very gracious.

Here's the audio.

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