Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Maggie's Screwed!

And not in that good way baby!

Opened an email from my new best friend, Jack. It's an invitation to a Blogger's Roundtable. The subject - Aid to Burma. You know I am interested. I figure between what I know already and what I can find trolling the Internet, I can sound intelligent. So I immediately send back "I'm in!". Afterwards I thought, "I hope Jack knows that was me." but then "How can he not, I am the Goddess of the Navy Blogging Strike Group!" LOL

So I go out to find out some stuff about the guest speaker, Capt. Trevor Hall, USAF and all the Google hits are along these lines. Babylon what? Huh?

Then I look at the email for the time and see....0900! 0900! I'm screwed.

Do you get thrown out if they can tell you are sleeping on the line?

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