Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Really Pissa Day

It's beautiful here in New England today. Pikcha pefict, lol.

I slept enough and woke up on my own, no alarm.

I showered and used the new soap and body lotion.I bagged the trash and headed out wearing a fav T-shirt.

I'm not SWO, but I think they are ok with it.

I got to turn left immediately coming out of the Lane, l0l, sometimes I wait and get cranky.

No one was in line at the dump.

Every light on the way to work turned green as I approached. I couldn't help but notice.

I got to work and no one is here. Yea!

This appears to be MY I bought a lottery ticket.

Yahoo! says this is my horoscope:

It's a good time for you to explore your options -- but not to pick any one definitively. There's just no need to commit yourself right now, even if someone is breathing down your neck.

Hehehe! This is what the Rotation is all about!

Now......if I *win* the lottery, it becomes a wicked pissa day.

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