Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just a Small Hypocrisy

So of course I was flipping through the booklet they gave us at the Simmons commencement yesterday. We were all excited to look up Debbie's name.

However, it didn't escape my notice that next to the bio for Bianca Jagger, this was the pic she gave them................. and this is the woman who came out!It's a small thing, but people who are comfortable with themselves don't need to hide their age. I know my grandmother didn't. I know my mother didn't. I, myself, am 47 and have never at any point waffled when asked (alright there was that time last February when I said 46 and I was still only 45, but that's Alzheimers).

What's the matter Bianca? Not comfortable in your own skin?

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