Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pics to Go With Today's Story

The post directly below this was about the first American C-130 into Burma on Monday the 12th.
Chuck from America's North Shore Journal pulled pics off the web and threw them into Flicker here. None of Admiral Keating, boo!
Other bloggers covering today's roundtable
Chris at War & Health brings a little WWII history into it.
Steve at the D-Ring is bummin' he missed it.
Jack himself, is kind enough to link me over at DODLive
David at War Is Boring is slacking and has nothing up yet, get a move on boyo! (quite ignoring the fact that the Princess is often tardy). But David had the funniest question when he was called upon. It was again one of those situations where there was no opening statement, we went right into questions. So, David is called on first.
"Hi, yeah, David Axe at "War Is Boring". I want to cover some of the just basics...but I don't want them to count as my question." LOL
The Pentagon Channel coughed up some video of SB's friend Tim just before he popped into Burma.

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