Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Tree

There is a tree on my property line. It's in rough shape. But I love it and encouraged successive neighbors to leave it alone.
Monday, Deb & Gen & I were in my living room, sorting all my crap. It was very windy and all the doors and windows were open. We heard a strange noise. Not too loud, but I thought maybe a branch had fallen in the roof and then to the ground. Deb & I looked out the window we were standing near. Nothing.
A few minutes later, Deb called me to the front door with a funny look on her face. LOL About a third of the tree came down. It didn't quite hit the ground because it fell on wires.
Que the fire department.
The police department.
The highway department. LOL Paul had paint on his jeans and arms. Guess we puled him off of a home improvement project. He said something to the others in the street and all I caught was my name. I yelled out that whatever he said I catagorically denied it! Paul called back the he had told them how wonderful I was. BS! Paul and I have been friends for over 30 years. It would be the first time he said I was wonderful.
They taped off my yard and the street.
Jen avoided this circus since she was down at her house in the middle of her own cleaning project.
They cleared everything in time for us to go down to Jen's and eat the dinner I bullied her into making, lol!
Believe me I paid, she made us watch Superman.....again!

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