Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Chilling Video

Jonn at "This Ain't Hell" sends us to a post at "Bloodthirsty Liberal". It's got some interesting commentary on Hitchen's take on Obama, et al. Then it has a snippet of video that made my blood run cold. Hitch is a great writer and I always enjoy him, but nothing conveys the true horror of Louis Farrakhan like listening to his own words. Nothing.

You really must go here and take it in for yourself.

Especially if you have even the slightest doubt about voting for McCain. You see I have heard tell of people who think letting the Dem's take the Presidency in '08 will wake the party up. Teach us all a lesson if you will. I personally think that's an absolutely asinine idea.

You watch the video and you will agree, however disatisfied you are with the Republican party.....whatever problems you have with McCain.....they are not worth and Obama presidency.

I am not saying McCain is perfect. There's a reason I call him "My Bad Boyfriend". Hell, even the way he descibes himself - "I have been an imperfect servant of my country for many years." admits it. But the alternative is just to awful to contemplate.

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