Monday, May 05, 2008

We Interrupt for Some Maggie Nonsense

So it's been pretty serious lately.........history, Navy history, Navy recruiting, Milblogger's Roundtables......but, this is going to be nonsense.
At 1700 hours, I snuck out of work (I'm back now, lol) and got a massage and a body scrub. Very relaxing, very decadent.
It was my first visit to Relaxation by Rae. She works out of her home on a quiet street in Plymouth. She was featuring a massage using Cocoa Massage and Body Oil and a body scrub using Cocoa Bean Body Scrub. Both are signature productsLOL, I smell good enough to eat! I still want to visit the Hershey Spa someday and do a "Hershey Full Day" at the spa.

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