Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm Not Talking To Frankie

The other day in the store, I picked up a new antiperspirant. Yesterday I went to use it. I pulled off the black cover and there was a molded plastic piece. I pulled the tab. I didn't budge. I pulled several times. I went out into the kitchen to look for something that I could use to grab the little tab and pull. No luck. I got my already open one out of my gym bag and used that.
Last night Tommy and I got to the house at the same time. We were discussing our days and life and milling about the house. I walked past my bureau and saw the antiperspirant. I showed Tom and explained I couldn't pull the top off. He tried for a few minutes while we talked and couldn't do it.
I got up this morning and Frankie happens to be awake. I show him.
"Mum, are you kidding me?" and he starts laughing.
Just then the solution hits me. I walk up to him and try to take it away.
"Did you try to pull it?" he laughs. "Yes" I reply. "Give it to me, I am not talking to you!"