Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scott McClellan

So Scott writes a book. He trashes "W" and the White House.

Here is coverage by Politico.

Here is an interesting take by Jake Tapper over at his blog for ABC News.

My thoughts are best expressed by Barry Fitzgerald at 7:49 in this clip.

A traitor and a snitch is a traitor and a snitch no matter who he is ratting on. You may think I feel this way about Scott because it's "W" he's backstabbing.

You are wrong.

I think Dick Morris is a weasel too and he wrote about Bill Clinton who I abhor.


Anonymous said...

Calling someone a snitch is basically admitting that the snitch is telling the truth. Maybe you ought to just stick with traitor.

Scott wrote the book because he was most likely feeling the irksome tugging of a vestigial thingamajig which most of his old buddies may never have possessed; namely, a conscience.

It's a hoot how you folks throw the word "traitor" around. Thank God you don't have any real power anymore.

BostonMaggie said...


In your mind "snitch" connotes truthteller. In mine it does not. My blog, my definition. I won't tell you what you mean. You won't tell me hat I mean. Deal?

Scott wrote a book because he has no sense of loyalty and no sense of honor....and based on what I have read and heard today, not much in the way of street smarts.

I'd rather be poor than make money trashing friends and co-workers. I hope Scott finds what pleasure he can in that money because he's lost whatever faith anyone ever had in him.

I would also appreciate not being lumped in with whatever "you folks" you are speaking of. I am Maggie and I express only my own opinions and answer for only my own actions.

As far as real power, I have only the power of any other registered voter in this country. I still have it, so don't bother thanking anyone over it's loss.