Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bianca Needs To Read Newspapers

I think before someone wants to give a commencement speech, one should look in the mirror and be honest about how prepared one is.

One should make sure one is adequately informed on the topics that might come up.

Say......Gitmo, for instance. Say you were going to propose closing Gitmo. Maybe one should read/watch the news.

Ex-Gitmo Detainee Believed Responsible for Homicide Bombing In Iraq
Three years ago, Abdullah Saleh al-Ajmi, a Kuwaiti soldier who deserted to fight in Afghanistan alongside the Taliban, sat in a detention cell at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, while lawyers argued whether he was an "enemy combatant."
Last week, a Dubai-based television channel reported that al-Ajmi was killed carrying out a homicide bombing in Mosul, Iraq.
While the report did not specify which attack Abdullah carried out, Iraqi officials reported that Mosul was hit on April 26 by three homicide attacks, killing seven people.
CBS News reported that al-Ajmi carried out an attack on Wednesday, April 30, according to an unconfirmed report posted on a jihadist Web site.
Al-Ajmi's cousin, Salem, reportedly told Al-Arabiya television that , "We were shocked by the painful news we received ... from one of the friends of martyr Abdullah in Iraq."

Yeah, Bianca, all those people in Gitmo are just poor innocent victims of Dick asshat!

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