Monday, May 05, 2008

My First MilBlogger Roundtable

Crap! The plan was to hang in the background, possibly ask a question if I felt comfortable.

Well you know about Princess Crabby and her plans.

You see I have been waiting for a Roundtable that was juuusssssst right. You know, one where I am interested and engaged and know a little bit about the subject so as not to look like a jackass.

So Friday I open one. And....Hey! it's a Navy guy! This might be my shot.......what's he talking about?
NASCAR???????? WTF?
I am from Boston, I don't know anything about NASCAR.

So I send emails to my Navy coterie (doesn't everyone have one of those?) and my buds from the Castle Argghhh! Some replies are chiding (Galrahn), some are funny (Mr. T's Haircut), some suggest questions (SJS). So, bolstered with "You can do this!", armed with potential questions, and reprimanded with "Hey, you asked to be in this.", I signed up for today's call at 1300 hours.

After all, I can hide in the background, right? No one need know I'm there should I decide to weasel out, right?

1253 comes and I dial in. I know from my frequent work related teleconferences that people dial in 10 to 15 minutes ahead and this way I can be sure to be in, but not first. I have already been warned that first in is first question.

First assumption - wrong! LOL I dial in and I am the only one there. Yeah........this is going to go well. Next person in is Jack. I told him he was expanding my horizons because I had to go out and find out what NASCAR was. He explained it was pretty big and I told him that America's favorite pastime is the Boston Red Sox. Jack laughed and replied "Maybe north of the Mason-Dixon line.....". I explained that in Princess Crabby's world there is nothing "West of Worcester!"
Eventually two more bloggers, Lt Cragg, a reporter and Capt. Hanzlik joined us. Not much of a crowd to hide in.

Well here's the audio..........see if you can pick me out of this crowd, lol.

I'll post about the call later.


Galrahn said...

Did I chide? I emailed you from the pub during lunch over 4 pitchers with the blackberry, if I chided then I suck!

BostonMaggie said...

I wasn't complaining. It was just the push I needed. After I read your email I immediately emailed my acceptence to Jack.

I am full of nonsense you know and someone has to call me on it once in a while.

Galrahn said...

I thought you were great. Left my thoughts at my place. Well done hun.

BostonMaggie said...

You are very gracious.