Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Handicapping Kennedy's Replacement

Howie's callers are starting.

First up - Marty Meehan.......NOOOOOOOO! LOL Although Howie points out that Marty is sitting on a sizable war chest.

Howie says Joe K won't try and it's too soon for his son. And you can't appoint seat warmers anymore. He also points out the irony of the Dem's (Marty, chief among them) taking the power away from the Governor. In their greed to hang onto Kerry's seat, they undid themselves.

Howie is working really hard to keep the discussion above the fray. But people are sneaking in the crimalians, the anmesty, the neck brace and the MaryJo Kopechne remarks.
Howie thinks Deval is going to take a stab at it.
And Ogonowski doesn't have enough signatures to run....WTF? Who's running that campaign. I am seriously peeved. But there is still Beatty.

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