Saturday, May 17, 2008

No Blogging For A Bit

Saturday is Deb's graduation from Simmons.

YEA! Good job Deblet! I am the proudest godmother anywhere.

Then we are taking Deb to Logan. She was awarded something for a week in Houston. Houston???? Texas???? Well, every silver lining has a cloud. I'm kidding. It has something to do with studying the Holocaust. There is apparently a big Holocaust museum in Texas. Deb got it because social studies is her minor.

Anyway, between Friday night's adventure and getting up at 0600 on blogging and early to bed after we drop Deb at Logan around 1930.


Anonymous said...

Houston is quite the Mecca of art culture and BBQ you Well and it has me of course, that puts it right over the top. What can I say?

BostonMaggie said...

Hope! If I had only known! I would have tagged along with Deb. While she was in her classes....we could have had BBQ and tried to decide which pic of LT Nixon we liked better.....the "before" or the "after".

Do they know how to make Cape Codders in Houston?