Thursday, May 31, 2007

It Was A Bad Wednesday

Yesterday I missed my hair coloring appointment. I had it in my head that the appointment was at 1800 and in reality it was at 1600. Sue is very graciously rescheduling me for Friday, so I will look perfect at Frank's graduation Saturday. I was terribly peeved with myself because I had deliberately pushed back the hair coloring schedule so it would be perfect this weekend and that meant the whole "roots" thing was worse than usual.
So, I thought I might run a few errands, grab something for dinner. I had something particular in mind...........wasn't in the store. OK, second choice. No, all out of that too. Then I pop over to the pharmacy. My PCP called in a prescription for high dose niacin. My "good" cholesterol is too low. Don't hear that one too often, do ya? Despite all the meat the late Dr. Atkins has me eating, my overall cholesterol is very low, my bad is negligible. So, I sign for he script (apparently I'd have to take a bazillion regular vitamins to get this dose) and it $25! What? Plus $5 worth of enteric coated aspirin to go with it. WTF? $30 bucks for vitamin B and aspirin?

Now I'm just aggravated.

Then I saw the Red Sox.

OK, it's something going around.


Anonymous said...

Okay - this is weirding me out... I had a hair appointment today too for color. I did manage to make mine *grin* And yes the roots were horrid, now they are a memory.

elle said...

For an instant cheer-up, go check out my latest post.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Andi has his Sox/Yankees game face on. I'm debating whether or not he should know that the red hair is chemically altered....

BostonMaggie said...

Teresa - they are a memory for now.

Pia - You are right, i was cheered up.

Andi - Mr. Andi will be fine with it when you explain the it's red because the favorite Naval Consort told me one day that he had always wanted to date a redhead....and we can't have him dating anyone else.......can we?

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