Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What An Assclown!

TB Patient Is Isolated After Taking Two Flights
Dr. Martin S. Cetron , an agency official, said he reached the man on his cellphone while he was in Italy to inform him that tests performed before he left for Europe showed that he had a form of tuberculosis that was extremely resistant to standard antibiotics. Dr. Cetron said that he advised the man not to take commercial flights home from Europe and that a United States Embassy would provide assistance, including examination by a tuberculosis expert.
While the agency began to explore ways to bring the man home, he flew to Montreal and drove into the United States. Then, after agency officials made contact with him, he followed their instructions to drive safely into New York without risk to the public

How much of a self important jackass do you have to be to think your flight to Italy ourweighs the danger you pose to others? And then, when officials tell you to go to the American Embassy and they will make sure you get home safely.......when they tell you they will make sure to minimize the danger *you* pose to still jump *another* commercial flight. I hope everyone on both flights files suit against for him mental anguish! I hope the CDC keeps him locked up for a long time! I hope the orderlies don't empty his bed pan! I hope he hears the snap of the latex glove!


Ron Simpson said...

He can actually be prosecuted for willfully and knowingly endangering other people's lives. I think the Italians and the Americans should prosecute. If somebody dies because of him, I think he should be prosecuted for murder.

Anonymous said...


elle said...

Assclown indeed.

Cat is my co-pilot said...

I'm with you all!!