Monday, May 07, 2007

We haven't had any Rick for a while.....

I've been a little caught up in my usual nonsense. Hillary was just on FoxNews Sunday (I am watching DVR from yesterday) saying that the facts on the ground (in Iraq) call for change. So, here's a response.

DoD News Briefing with Maj. Gen. Lynch from Baghdad

You know, people tell me, "Hey, Lynch, you just left 10 months ago. What have you seen that's different?" And I got to tell you, in my battle space, in Multinational Division-Center's battle space, what I'm seeing is a marked improvement in the capability of the Iraqi security forces. And let's just use Karbala as an example. When the detonation took place on the 28th of April, there weren't any coalition forces anywhere in the vicinity. We called down the Karbala Iraqi security forces and we said, "Hey, what do you need help with?" And they said, "Nothing. We got it." They handled that situation. It could have been extremely explosive. The second- and third-order consequences of that attack in the vicinity of the mosque could have been horrific, but the Iraqi security forces stabilized the situation.

My only question...........who is speaking to Rick in that disrespectful way? That's "MG Rick Lynch, sir!" to you, buddy!


Ron Simpson said...

You are right, nobody would talk to a MG like that, unless of course, they were another MG or higher. I have had the priveledge of working with a one star and a two star. They were pretty informal with the staff most of the time, and with each other it was like a frat party in camo.

concretebob said...

All I want to know is if Hitlery saw the FAX on the ground, why didn't she pick it up?
Jeeez, ya just can't depend on people anymore.